Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 47

MR No. 1241—Week of Prayer in San Francisco; Experienced Ministers to Teach Younger Workers; the Importance of Character

Here I am in San Francisco. Two weeks ago Elder Corliss came up to St. Helena and urged me to go to San Francisco and help in the meetings during the Week of Prayer. 17MR 47.1

A few weeks ago I visited this place, and spoke to a church full of people who had ears to hear and hearts to understand. They seemed to be hungering for the word of the Lord, and we believe they heard to a purpose. As I spoke in plain, simple language the word of life, I knew that Christ was with us, softening and subduing hearts. The Holy Spirit was evidently at work. Oh, how my heart yearned for the precious souls whom I was inviting to look and live. 17MR 47.2

After the meeting Elder Corliss invited all who wished to give themselves to Jesus to come forward. There was a quick and happy response, and I was told that nearly 200 people came forward. Men and women, youth and children, pressed into the front seats. This is a work the Lord would have done in every church. 17MR 47.3

Many could not come forward because the house was so crowded, yet the animated countenances and tearful eyes testified to the determination, “I will be on the Lord's side. From this time I will seek earnestly to reach a higher standard.” 17MR 47.4

The most earnest efforts should be made to lead the older and younger members of our churches to take hold of the work where they are. The Lord will use all who will give themselves to Him in deed and in truth. The young men and women who give themselves to the work of teaching the truth and laboring for the 17MR 47.5

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