Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 50

MR No. 1242—Talented Speakers Needed for Camp Meetings; Business Men to Handle Financial Matters

(Report of A portion of A meeting of the executive committee of the California Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association, held in the St. Helena sanitarium library, tuesday forenoon, July 14, 1902. Present: A. T. Jones, W. C. White, A. N. Loper, E. E. Parlin, R. A. Buchanan, W. S. Sadler, L. M. Bowen [members of the committee].)

Early in the meeting Elder Sadler stated his conviction that it would be best for him to resign as president of the San Francisco Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association, and requested that Elder Corliss be chosen to fill the place.

While the board were considering this proposition and questioning the advisability of it, Sister White unexpectedly came in, accompanied by Sister J. Gotzian.

Elder White stated that the committee had been considering matters connected with the San Francisco Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association, and that they would be glad for any words of counsel that Sister White might give.

Sister White asked what special points were under consideration.

A. T. Jones: We were considering, Sister White, the medical missionary and dispensary work in San Francisco.

Sister White remarked that she had not yet been given any definite point on which to give counsel. After a short pause, and without waiting for Elder Jones to state any specific points, Sister White spoke, as follows:

Mrs. E. G. White: My most recent burden has been to make known to our brethren that during the tent meeting season, those who are especially adapted

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