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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 60

do what the Lord says. If he feels inclined by the Spirit of the Lord to come to Australia, we will be glad and thankful. Not that we expect that he will invest all that he has here, to be any man's property, but his own. It is not the large gifts we desire.

When the Lord gives your son light to go to any place, do not try to stay his steps. Let him hear the voice of the great Shepherd, and follow Him. I have not written to Peter, John, or Philip, to draw means from you, in all the letters you have received. But as Sister Harmon Lindsay, Brother Peter Wessels, and Mother Wessels have means invested here, some as donations, others as a loan, I have had a desire to keep you acquainted with our situation and advancement.

If I supposed you thought my letters were written to draw means from you, I would stop my letter writing very decidedly. I do not write because I expect you to send us money, but because I wish to help you with the counsel and the light that God has given me. I do not want John to help us here in Australia if the Lord wants him in any other place. I want God's will and God's way to be my will and my way.

May the Lord be your strength, my dear sister. May He be very near to comfort and bless you and your children, and may you be greatly blessed in your children, and be bound up in complete harmony with Jesus Christ, is the prayer of your sister.—Letter 131, 1897.

Ellen G. White Estate

Washington, D. C.

May 7, 1987.

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