Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 63

MR No. 1245—The Southern Work; Ellen White Disturbed by Dissension in Councils and Camp Meetings; Study the Word, and Seek Christ

(Written December 2, 1902, from “Elmshaven,” Sanitarium, California, to “Dear Children Edson and Willie White.”)

I thank the Lord with heart and soul and voice that my health is as good as it is. I have every reason to praise my heavenly Father for the clearness of thought that He has given me in regard to Bible subjects. I long to bring out these precious things so that the minds of ministers and people may, if possible, be drawn away from contention and strife to something that is nourishing to the soul—food that will give health, hopefulness, and courage. Many are now saying, “Report, and he will report it.” Some are greedy for those things that satisfy a depraved spiritual appetite and that will ruin their religious experience, placing them outside the city of God with those who live and make a lie.

In the night season many things are passing before me. The Scriptures, full of grace and richness, are presented before me. The word of the Lord to me is: “Look on these things, and meditate on them. You may claim the rich grace of truth, which nourishes the soul. Have naught to do with controversy and dissension and strife, which bring darkness and discouragement to your soul. Truth is clear, pure, savory. Avoid all council meetings where there is dissension, and where men will neither credit My words and obey My lessons nor heed your counsel. Speak the truth in faith and love, leaving the result with God. The work is not yours, but the Lord's. In all your communications, speak as one to whom the Lord has spoken. He is your authority, and He will give you His sustaining grace.”

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