Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 67

MR No. 1249—Counsel on Soul Winning; The Need to Crucify Self; The Importance of Character Development

(Written August 24, 1886, from Basle, Switzerland, to “Dear Brethren Engaged in Labor in Nimes” [France].)

I feel very grateful for the success you have had, and sincerely hope that you will cling to the work until it is nicely bound off. When the first efforts are made in a place by giving a first course of lectures, there is really greater necessity for a second course than for the first. The truth is new and startling, and the people need to have the same presented the second time, to get the points distinct and ideas fixed in the mind.

I have been reading over some of the light God has given me. It is like this: There should be great wisdom used in the presentation of a truth that comes directly in opposition to the opinions and practices of the people. Paul's habit was to dwell upon the prophecies when with the Jewish people and bring them down step by step, and then after some time open the subject of Christ as the true Messiah.

I have been shown that our ministers go too rapidly through their subjects and bring the most objectionable features of our faith too early into their effort. There are truths that will not involve so great a cross, that should be kept before their minds day after day and even weeks before the Sabbath and immortality questions are entered into. Then you gain the confidence of the people as being men who have clear, forcible arguments,

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