Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 75

MR No. 1250—Lessons From Sightseeing in Nimes; The Wilderness Temptations of Christ; Faithful Sabbathkeeping Enjoined

(Written October 18, 1886, from Nimes, France, to “Dear Brother and Sister Foss.”)

Although many thousand miles separate us from you, yet we have not forgotten you. I have remembered you in my prayers many times. It was not my choice to come to Europe, but the General Conference urged my coming so earnestly I complied. I am not sorry I have done this, for the Lord has especially blessed me at every step. I have been sustained in a remarkable manner. I have done a great amount of labor and written many pages. I have been here two weeks, have spoken in a hall twelve times and written one hundred pages. I arise at four o'clock, and before the call to breakfast I have written from ten to fifteen pages. I have reason to praise God with heart and lips for His mercy and His sustaining grace.

This place is a large place, an ancient place, and there are many things here that make it worthwhile to see. There are the most ancient buildings I have ever looked upon. Elder D. T. Bourdeau is making it his home here with his family and he is laboring among the French here. There are quite a number who have accepted the Sabbath and been converted, some from the Catholics. There are many Catholics in this city of two hundred thousand inhabitants.

Here, as in many other cities in Europe, the marketplaces are all open. The marketplace here is a large building where everything like produce is

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