Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 87

MR No. 1252—Safety in Counseling Together

(Written January 3, 1901, from St. Helena, California, to Dr. E. R. Caro, in Sydney, Australia.)

I have before me a letter expressing the same opinion that you have expressed that the Newcastle Bath business should not be taken over by the Cooranbong Retreat, but should remain under the control of the Sydney Sanitarium.

In saying that the Retreat should take over the Newcastle work I have followed the light given me. The proposition that the Sydney Sanitarium should control the Newcastle work is not in the order of God. Were this proposition followed the work in Newcastle would be bound about. You should not seek to take this extra responsibility. You have not been appointed to act as a manager, but as a physician. You are not to feel that you are qualified to manage all the Sanitariums which may be established in Australia. This is not in the order of God. You are to counsel with the officers of the Union Conference.

You should not feel authorized to follow your own judgment alone in choosing persons to fill positions in the Retreat or the Sanitarium, for you are not the best judge. You fail to read character aright.

You have asked me in regard to your mother coming to New South Wales to take part in the work. I respect and love your mother too well to advise her to do this. She cannot read character or deal safely with human minds.

You cannot be depended on as a safe judge of people. You would suppose certain persons fitted to fill certain positions, when older and more experienced

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