Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 95

MR No. 1253—William Foy Lectures in Beethoven Hall

(From an interview with Ellen White, conducted by D. E. Robinson on August 13, 1906, apparently regarding material that was to be included in a book.) 17MR 95

We used to have some very powerful meetings. But it is not all out there, and I don't know as there is any need of putting it out. 17MR 95.1

Elder Stockman was preaching, and he was dying with the consumption. He talked as though inspired by the Holy Spirit, feeble as he was. I always sat on the front seat next to the stand, and as I heard a noise like a groan I saw that Elder Brown was as white as human flesh could be, and he was falling out of his chair. I suppose my interested look to him called the attention of Stockman, and he looked around, and he [Brown] was ready to fall on the floor. He [Stockman] turned around, and said, “Excuse me,” and took him in his arms, and laid him down on the lounge. He was one that did not believe in these things, and he had a taste of it right there. The power of the truth came upon him so. 17MR 95.2

(That was one instance I saw that Marian [Davis] had not put in. There is but an item now and then; I do not know as that is essential. I was going to call the attention to it. That is, I think, as well as it could be written. We had a great deal of this, but we never can tell it).... 17MR 95.3

Then another time, there was Foy that had had visions. He had had four visions. He was in a large congregation, very large. He fell right to the floor. I do not know what they were doing in there, whether they were 17MR 95.4

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