Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 96

listening to preaching or not. But at any rate he fell to the floor. I do not know how long he was [down]—about three quarters of a hour, I think—and he had all these [visions] before I had them. They were written out and published, and it is queer that I cannot find them in any of my books. But we have moved so many times. He had four.

Question: Did you ever have an interview with him?

I had an interview with him. He wanted to see me, and I talked with him a little. They had appointed for me to speak that night, and I did not know that he was there. I did not know at first that he was there. While I was talking I heard a shout, and he is a great, tall man, and the roof was rather low, and he jumped right up and down, and oh, he praised the Lord, praised the Lord. It was just what he had seen, just what he had seen. But they extolled him so I think it hurt him, and I do not know what became of him.

His wife was so anxious. She sat looking at him, so that it disturbed him. “Now,” said he, “you must not get where you can look at me when I am speaking.” He had on an episcopalian robe. His wife sat by the side of me. She kept moving about and putting her head behind me. What does she keep moving about so for? We found out when he came to his wife. “I did as you told me to,” said she. “I hid myself. I did as you told me to.” (So that he should not see her face.) She would be so anxious, repeating the words right after him with her lips. After the meeting was ended, and he came to look her up, she said to him, “I hid myself. You didn't see me.” He was a very tall man, slightly colored. But it was remarkable testimonies that he bore.

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