Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Page 98

MR No. 1255—Church Leaders to Set an Example of Christlikeness

(Written April 13, 1886, from Basel, Switzerland, to J. G. Matteson.)

Your letter was received yesterday. You state in your letter, “Your mother speaks of Brother Hanson as a transgressor of the Sabbath. I suppose you know that Brother Hanson is not a member of the church, consequently we cannot labor with him or cut him off, because he is already cut off by his own positive request.”

He places himself outside of the pale of the church where he cannot be brought under the discipline of the church, and yet he has a voice in the church as if he belonged to the church. I cannot see the consistency of this and know that this move is all out of God's order. It shows blind, hazardous movements; it is giving influence to a man who refuses to be in harmony with the church, and through this one man whose way is after the world and not after the Lord's plans Satan comes in to control other minds. Then how could you or any members of the church, if they stood in the light, place him on a committee?

You state, “I do not know whether he will make an application for admittance. If he should do so he would have to take a better stand than he has ever done yet.” My brother, notwithstanding this attitude of Brother H who has cut himself loose from the church, he is made one of the committee of your board to have influence in the matters of the church, and you have allowed this thing done. Strange foresight! [You place on the committee] a man who does not keep the Sabbath, for he does do business on the Sabbath—collects debts, pays his workmen, settles accounts, and has no more sacred sense of the Sabbath than to

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