Ellen G. White Writings

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The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, Page 1445

men according to their will. Thus the souls whom Christ had given his life to free from the bondage of Satan, were brought under bondage to him in another form.

Do we individually realize our true position, that as God's hired servants we are not to bargain away our stewardship? We have an individual accountability before the heavenly universe to administer the trust committed us of God. Our own hearts are to be stirred, our hands are to have something to impart of the income that God entrusts to us. The humblest of us may be an agent for God, using our gifts for his name's glory. He who improves his talent is to the best of his ability may present to God his offering as a consecrated gift, that shall be as fragrant incense before him. It is the duty of every one to see that his talents are turned to advantage as a gift that he must return, having done his best to improve it.

The spirit of domination is extending to the presidents of our conferences. If a man is sanguine of his own powers and seeks to exercise dominion over his brethren, feeling that he is invested with authority to make his will the ruling power, the best and only safe course is to remove him, lest great harm be done, and he lose his own soul, and imperil the souls of others. All ye are brethren. This disposition to lord it over God's heritage, will cause a reaction unless these men change their course. Those in authority should manifest the spirit of Christ. They should deal as he would deal with every case that requires attention. They should go weighted with

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