Ellen G. White Writings

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The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, Page 403

immortal life. O, <may the Lord imbue me with His Holy Spirit constantly> that I could present the attractions of Christ so as to engross the whole mind <of those for whom I labor>! O that my brethren might appreciate the promises of God in all their breath and fullness! Then they might be saved from themselves, from self-confidence, criticism, unbelief, and phariseeism. Then self-exaltation would not be increasing, but decreasing. <Spiritual pride would die.> There are many who claim to believe in Christ, who have not yet fallen upon the Rock and been broken, self lives, and is exalted. To such Christ does not appear what He is, or what He will be to all those who believe on Him.

We should know for ourselves what constitutes Christianity, what is truth, what is the faith that we have received, what are the Bible rules—the rules given us from the highest authority. There are many who believe without a reason on which to base their faith, without sufficient evidence as to the truth of the matter. If an idea is presented that harmonizes with their own preconceived opinions, they are all ready to accept it. They do not reason from cause to effect, their faith has no <genuine> foundation, and in the time of trial they will find that they have built upon the sand.

He who rests satisfied with his own present imperfect knowledge of the Scriptures, thinking this sufficient for his salvation, is resting in a fatal deception. There are many who are not thoroughly furnished with Scriptural arguments, that they may be able to discern error, and condemn all the tradition and superstition that has been palmed off as truth. Satan has introduced

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