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SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 1 (EGW), Page 1098

yet his moral worth is as precious as was that of Joseph and Daniel, who were recognized by heathen kings as men with whom was the Spirit of God (Manuscript 54, 1894).

Chapter 42

21. Joseph's Brothers Feared Slavery—They [Joseph's brothers] sold Joseph as a slave, and they were fearful that God designed to punish them by suffering them to become slaves (Spiritual Gifts 3:156).

Chapter 45

5. Minds of Brothers Relieved—They [Joseph's brothers] humbly confessed their wrongs which they had committed against Joseph, and entreated his forgiveness, and were greatly rejoiced to find that he was alive; for they had suffered remorse, and great distress of mind, since their cruelty toward him. And now as they knew that they were not guilty of his blood, their troubled minds were relieved (Spiritual Gifts 3:167).

Chapter 49

3, 4 (ch. 39:9). Unstable as Water—There are those to be met with everywhere who have no fixed principles. It is hard for them to resist temptation. Let it come from what quarter, and in what form it may, and every precaution must be taken to surround them with influences that will strengthen their moral power. Let them be separated from these helpful influences and association, be thrown with a class who are irreligious, and they will soon show that they have no real hold from above; they trusted in their own strength. They have been praised and exalted when their feet were standing in sliding sand. They are like Reuben, unstable as water, having no inward rectitude, and like Reuben they will never excel. What you need is to see your dependence upon God, and to have a resolute heart. Be a man where you are; show strength of character where you are; be able, through Jesus Christ, to say, “No, I will not do this great wickedness, and sin against God.” That kind of easy good nature which can never nerve itself to give decided refusal to any proposal that would injure his moral and religious influence in the sight of God and of man is always under the control of Satan far more than under the control of the Spirit of God. They are led into evil very easily because they have a very accommodating disposition, and it hurts them to give a square No, “I will not do this wickedness and sin against God.” If invited to take a glass with merry men or women, they are led as an ox to the slaughter, they join with the impious, who laugh at the ready compliance afterwards. There is no interior strength to fall back upon. They do not make God their trust. They have no high principles of duty (Letter 48, 1887).



Chapter 1

1. See EGW on Deuteronomy 1:1.

8. Egyptians Sinned in Refusing Light—The sin of the Egyptians was that they had refused the light which God had so graciously sent to them through Joseph (The Youth's Instructor, April 15, 1897).

Chapter 2

10 (Hebrews 11:26, 27). In Egypt Moses Studied Laws of God—The strength of Moses was his connection with the Source of all power, the Lord God of hosts. He rises grandly above every earthly inducement, and trusts himself wholly to God. He considered that he was the Lord's. While he was connected with the official interests of the king of Egypt, he was constantly studying the laws of God's government, and thus his faith grew. That faith was of value to him. It was deeply rooted in the soil of his earliest teachings, and the culture of his life was to prepare him for the great work of delivering Israel from bondage. He meditated on these things; he was constantly listening to his

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