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Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1), Page 15

Chapter 1—(1827-1836) The Messenger of the Lord in Our Midst

In old Battle Creek on a Tuesday morning in April hundreds had gathered at the tabernacle for the opening meeting of a General Conference session. After the usual formalities, the president closed his opening address, surrendered the office that he had held for two years, and declared:

“The conference is now formally opened. What is your pleasure?”

A little woman in advancing years arose from one of the seats on the floor, pressed to the front, mounted the steps to the platform, and moved to the desk to speak to the large audience. She had something to say, and she felt that now was the time to say it. After describing the great privilege of the Advent people to stand high above the world, sanctified by the truth and having a close connection with heaven, she came quickly to the burden of her heart—the quality and fitness of those who serve in the cause of God, and especially those who lead. She declared:

Every soul in every conference, in every part of the Lord's vineyard, has the privilege of knowing the truth. But truth is not truth to those who do not practice it. Truth is only truth to you when you live it in daily life, showing the world what those people must be who are at last saved. [Quotations in this introductory account are from Ibid., 1901, 23-26, 460-464.]

Then addressing particularly the leaders of the General Conference,

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