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Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1), Page 179

Chapter 12—(1850) The Summer the Tide Turned

Present Truth, in ten issues published over a period of eleven months, heralded the third angel's message, with the Sabbath truth as the focal point. But the eye of the Lord saw a need extending beyond this—something that would bring men and women who had been in the great advent awakening to see that experience in its true light as the work of God. Ellen White wrote of this on August 4, 1850:

The Lord showed me that he, James, must take the testimonies that the leading Adventists published in 1844 and republish them and make them ashamed.—Letter 8, 1850.

A few days before this James wrote of the instruction:

The Lord has shown Ellen that I must publish the testimonies of those who acknowledged the work done and the Advent move of God after 1844. Now this is my first work. I expect to get out a paper called the Advent Review, sixteen pages, the size of the Present Truth.

I shall, if I have means, put in a slice of Cook's Testimony and [Bates's] Way Marks, et cetera, et cetera. The cause calls for it. I hope to get out six numbers, three thousand copies each, [which] will cost $250. I shall move as the means come in....

My way is onward. Men of Israel, help. Now is the time to work for God. For your encouragement I will state one case where the papers did much good. Someone requested me to send the paper to Betsey Benson. I sent two copies. She read one and sent the other to Sister Thomas. Both came into the truth. At

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