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Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1), Page 380

Chapter 25—(1858-1859) Financial Support for the Cause of God

The back page notice in the Ibid., September 30, 1858, signed by James White and J. N. Loughborough under the heading “Appointments” gave plans for meetings in Ohio and New York State in late September and most of October.

Immediately following was a two-paragraph, rather illuminating notice signed by James White, laying out plans for a tour through New England. The notice suggested the very frail financial status of the cause, and the absence of organizational structure to direct the work. Leaders of the emerging church usually depended both on invitations to visit the field and the gifts of those who benefited from their ministry, to cover expenses. Note the wording:

Brother and Sister White design spending October 23 and 24 at Buck's Bridge; the evening of the twenty-sixth near Rouse's Point, where Brethren Taylor and Whipple may appoint; the thirtieth and thirty-first, in Vermont, where Brethren Bingham and Churchill may appoint; November 6 and 7, near Washington, New Hampshire, where brethren may appoint; thirteenth and fourteenth, at Worcester, Massachusetts.

If brethren in New England desire meetings as above, they will please give appointment of the definite place in the Review immediately, and address us at Hubbard's Corners, Madison County, New York. If they wish the labors of Brother J. N. Loughborough, they will please address him at the same place, and he will probably accompany us to the above-named places.

As it turned out, the brethren in the East did want the Whites to come and invited Loughborough to come with them. When the tour was completed in mid-December, James White could report:

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