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Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1), Page 398

sacrifice and crucify every selfish feeling. I feel a lack of the Spirit of God. Have had a weeping time before the Lord.—Ibid. 1BIO 397.6

Monday they returned to Grand Rapids, two days’ travel away from home. The record of Tuesday's travels reads: 1BIO 398.1

Tuesday, January 25, 1859: 1BIO 398

It looks like a storm. I feel rather cast down. My teeth troubled me through the night. We rode fourteen miles from [Grand Rapids] to Brother Hardy's. Brother Cramer did not give us the right directions, and we went four miles out of our way. Did not arrive at Brother Hardy's until dinnertime. It was snowing fast. We were heartily welcomed by the family. A good dinner was soon in readiness for us of which we thankfully partook. 1BIO 398.2

This is a colored family, but although the house is poor and old, everything is arranged in neatness and exact order. The children are well behaved, intelligent, and interesting. May I yet have a better acquaintance with this dear family. 1BIO 398.3

Wednesday they reached home, and the diary entry closed with these words of gratitude: 1BIO 398.4

Joyfully, we again met our family. Little Willie seems overjoyed to meet us again. Poor child, he has been very sick in my absence. Is now better, but looks miserable. My husband has been sick, but the Lord has preserved their lives. With gratitude to God I take my place in my family again. There is no place to be so dearly prized as home. 1BIO 398.5

The entry for the next day, Thursday, January 27, reads: 1BIO 398.6

Rested but little the past night. Was so thankful and happy to meet my family again and to be in the society of my husband and children I could not sleep. 1BIO 398

On Friday there was a family get-together at the noonday meal: Had the privilege of sitting at the table with my husband's father and mother and my father and mother. We enjoyed the interview much. 1BIO 398.7

The next week, Friday, on February 4, Ellen went downtown 1BIO 398.8

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