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Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1), Page 73

Chapter 5—(1845) The Messenger of the Lord at Work

During the late-winter and spring months of 1845 Ellen Harmon was traveling almost constantly, first in eastern Maine and then in New Hampshire. From late summer and through the winter of 1845 and 1846, she spent much of the time in Massachusetts; when there she resided at the home of the Otis Nichols family in Dorchester, just south of Boston. In April, 1846, Nichols wrote to William Miller of this and in so doing provided information very helpful in filling out the story of her activities for this period of the evolvement of the church.

Some years later, probably about 1860, in a statement of recollections, Nichols gave many helpful details concerning Ellen's early visits to the Boston area.

These statements not only provide a perspective to the records of Ellen Harmon's activities in those crucial weeks following the disappointment but also give glimpses of how some of the believers in those early days related to her unique experience. We quote at some length from these two statements of an eyewitness: First from Nichols’ general statement:

The following are recollections of some remarkable manifestations of the Holy Spirit which attended Sister White's [Ellen Harmon is referred to as she was known in 1860. Her account of the first visit to Massachusetts opens with the words “I was then shown that I must visit Massachusetts, and there bear my testimony.”—Spiritual Gifts, 2:67.] visions and their relation in Massachusetts in 1845 and 1846:

The first account of her vision in Maine we had from Elder John Pearson in February, 1845, at a meeting in Roseburg, which

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