Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96], Page 49

MR No. 24—E. G. White Comments on Daniel 2

[Release requested by Bible teachers regarding the mingling of iron and clay.]

Succession of Empires Governed by Law of Obedience

Hundreds of years before certain nations came upon the stage of action, the Omniscient One looked down the ages, and predicted through His servants the prophets the rise and fall of the universal kingdoms. The prophet Daniel, when interpreting to the king of Babylon the dream of the great image,—an image symbolic of the kingdoms of the world,—declared to Nebuchadnezzar that his kingdom should be superseded. His greatness and power in God's world would have their day, and a second kingdom would arise, which also would have its period of trial as to whether it would exalt the one Ruler, the only true God. Not doing this, its glory would fade away, and a third kingdom would occupy its place. Proved by obedience or disobedience, this also would pass away; and a fourth, strong as iron, would subdue the nations of the world. These predictions of the Infinite One, recorded on the prophetic page and traced on the pages of history, were given to demonstrate that God is the ruling power in the affairs of this world. He changes the times and the seasons, He removes kings and sets up kings, to fulfill His own purpose....

The voice of God, heard in past ages, is sounding down along the line, from century to century, through generations that have come upon the stage of action and passed away. Shall God speak, and His voice not be respected? What power mapped out all this history, that nations, one after another,

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