Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 1 [Nos. 19-96], Page 259

that we keep our light constantly shining.—Manuscript 95, 1906, 3. (“Lessons from the Fifteenth of Romans,” October 20, 1906.)

In my sleep I seemed to be speaking before large congregations in Oakland and other places. I was reading to them the words found in the 40th and 41st chapters of Isaiah, and dwelling upon their significance. The Spirit of the Lord seemed to come upon me in large measure. I knew that holy angels were in the meeting. Although some in the congregation seemed to be indifferent to the words spoken, there were others who were making an effort to be free in Christ. The faces of these were lighted up. The Lord was in our midst.

A great work will be accomplished by the people of God if they will work in unity and unselfishness and with humility of heart. All self-exaltation must be seen and put away. Truth and righteousness alone will stand the test for this time. We need to have the Spirit of God daily with us, that we may be kept from all evil thoughts and unwise actions, from lifting the soul unto vanity. We should fear lest our eyes become blinded to our individual spiritual needs in these perilous times. Many professed believers have been allowing themselves to become absorbed in the upbuilding of selfish interests. We are now to awake out of sleep. Letter 46, 1909, p. 4. (To Elder S. N. Haskell, February 26, 1909.)

I am bidden to lift up my voice like a trumpet, and to speak plainly concerning the perils that surround our children and youth. Satan is actively at work, laying the stumbling blocks in the way of their Christian advancement. He has many schemes by which to deceive souls and to destroy the spiritual discernment that evil may be interpreted as righteousness. One of his most successful schemes is to place within their reach the foolish storybook to

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