Ellen G. White Writings

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Sermons and Talks, vol. 1, Page 234

was spoken from the Mount. There God through His son, Jesus Christ, was the Founder of the whole Jewish economy. The sacrifices typified the wonderful Antitype. Jesus Christ was to come and give His life that He might set man free from Satan's claims, that He might unlock the prison houses and bring forth those that plead for a glorious immortality. When type met Antitype in the death of Christ, what was done? What need was there for any more sacrificial offerings? Type had met antitype. No more need for any sacrificial offerings, because the great antitypical offering had been made to save every transgressor of the law if they would believe on Jesus Christ as their Saviour and return to their loyalty. Then every sin and transgression would be forgiven.

Christ in the mount proclaimed the far-reaching principles of the law of God to be carried out in every transaction of life. I worship the true and living God. His hands are over His creative works. Can you wonder that the devil wants to make void the law of God, the standard of His character? It will be the standard in the judgment when the books shall be opened, and every man judged according to the deeds that are done. And the names are written—what does He say?—“Engraven upon the palms of my hands.” The marks of the crucifixion have engraven them. They are His property, and you are God's by creation and by redemption. Then we want to know whether you are giving your whole heart to Him, whether you are serving Him with all the power and strength of your intellect; for on these great principles hang all the law and the prophets. The first four commandments define man's duty to His Maker—supreme love to God; the last six define the duty of man to his fellow man. What do we give to Satan when we concede the point that the

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