Ellen G. White Writings

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Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1, Page 3

Table of Contents

I. The Fall of Satan,17
II. The Fall of Man,20
III. The Plan of Salvation,22
IV. The First Advent of Christ,28
V. The Ministry of Christ,35
VI. The Transfiguration,40
VII. The Betrayal of Christ,44
VIII. The Trial of Christ,49
IX. The Crucifixion of Christ,57
X. The Resurrection of Christ,65
XI. The Ascension of Christ,77
XII. The Disciples of Christ,80
XIII. The Death of Stephen,87
XIV. The Conversion of Saul,90
XV. The Jews Decided to Kill Paul,93
XVI. Paul Visited Jerusalem,98
XVII. The Great Apostasy,103
XVIII. Mystery of Iniquity,108
XIX. Death, not Eternal Life in Misery,113
XX. The Reformation,119
XXI. The Church and World United,124
XXII. Wm. Miller,128
XXIII. The First Angel's Message,133
XXIV. The Second Angel's Message,140
XXV. Advent Movement Illustrated,144
XXVI. Another Illustration,151
XXVII. The Sanctuary,157
XXVIII. The Third Angel's Message,162
XXIX. A Firm Platform,168
XXX. Spiritualism,173
XXXI. Covetousness,179
XXXII. The Shaking,183
XXXIII. The Sins of Babylon,189
XXXIV. The Loud Cry,193
XXXV. The Third Message Closed,197
XXXVI. The Time of Jacob's Trouble,201
XXXVII. Deliverance of the Saints,205
XXXVIII. The Saints’ Reward,209
XXXIX. The Earth Desolated,211
XL. The Second Resurrection,214
XLI. The Second Death,217

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