Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 1, Page 24

Chapter 2—Ellen G. White and Her Writings

A Letter to Dr. Paulson

St. Helena, California, 1SM 24

June 14, 1906 1SM 24

Dear Brother, 1SM 24

Your letter came to me while in southern California. For some weeks the consideration of matters connected with the development of our sanitarium work there, and the writing out of the views given me regarding the earthquake and its lessons, have taken my time and strength. 1SM 24.1

But now I must respond to the letters received from you and others. In your letter you speak of your early training to have implicit faith in the testimonies and say, “I was led to conclude and most firmly believe that every word that you ever spoke in public or private, that every letter you wrote under any and all circumstances, was as inspired as the Ten Commandments.” 1SM 24.2

My brother, you have studied my writings diligently, and you have never found that I have made any such claims, neither will you find that the pioneers in our cause ever made such claims. 1SM 24.3

In my introduction to The Great Controversy you have no doubt read my statement regarding the Ten Commandments 1SM 24.4

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