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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, Page 643

work the cure. This may commence during a few weeks’ stay at the Institute, and yet it may require years to complete the work by correct habits at home. 1T 642.2

A man may spend all that he has in this world at a Health Institute, and find great relief, and may then return to his family and to his old habits of life, and in a few weeks or months be in a worse condition of health than ever before. He has gained nothing; he has spent his limited means for nothing. The object of the health reform and the Health Institute is not, like a dose of “Painkiller” or “Instant Relief,” to quiet the pains of today. No, indeed! Its great object is to teach the people how to live so as to give nature a chance to remove and resist disease. 1T 643.1

To the afflicted among our people I wish to say, Be not discouraged. God has not forsaken His people and His cause. Make known your state of health and your ability to meet the expenses of a stay at the Institute to the physicians, addressing Health Institute, Battle Creek, Michigan. Are you diseased, running down, feeble, then do not delay till your case is hopeless. Write immediately. But I must say again to the poor: At present but little can be done to help you, on account of capital already raised being invested in material and buildings. Do all you possibly can for yourselves, and others will help you some. 1T 643.2

***** 1T 643

Chapter 111—Sketch of Experience

From October 21, 1867 to December 22, 1867 1T 643

Our labor with the Battle Creek church had just closed, and, notwithstanding we were much worn, we had been so refreshed in spirit as we witnessed the good result that we cheerfully joined Brother J. N. Andrews in the long journey to Maine. On the way we held a meeting at Roosevelt, New York. Testimony No. 13 was doing its work, and those brethren 1T 643.3

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