Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 20 [Nos. 1420-1500], Page 252

laborer together with God, a follower of Jesus Christ.

Through the sanctification of the truth, God makes physicians and nurses skillful in a knowledge of how to treat the sick, and this work is opening the fast-closed doors of many hearts. Men and women are led to see and understand the truth which is needed to save the soul as well as the body. This is an element that gives character to the work for this time. The medical missionary work is as the right hand and arm to the third angel's message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world, and physicians, managers, and workers in any line, in acting faithfully their part, are doing the work of the message. From them the sound of the truth will go forth to every nation and kindred and tongue and people. In this work the heavenly angels bear a part. They awaken spiritual joy and melody in the hearts of those who have been freed from suffering, and joy and thanksgiving to God arise from many hearts that have received the precious truth.

The enemy has determined to counterwork the designs of God to benefit humanity by revealing to them what constitutes true medical missionary work. So many interests have been brought in that the workers cannot do all things according to the pattern shown them in the mount. I have been shown that the work God has appointed to physicians is enough for them to do, and what the Lord required of them was to link up closely with the gospel missionaries and do their work with faithfulness. He did not ask Dr. Kellogg, or any other physician, to embrace so much. He has not made it the special work of Dr. Kellogg to go into the worst dens of iniquity in the large cities. The Lord does not require impossibilities of men. He gives to every man his work. The work which He gave to Dr. Kellogg was to symbolize to the world the ministry of the gospel in medical missionary work.

The Lord does not lay upon His people the work of laboring for a class that cannot be benefited themselves or benefit others by their professed belief of the truth. Today the nominal churches are full of every foul spirit, the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. The work is becoming confusing because the converted and the unconverted have united in them. If there are men who will take up the work of laboring for the most degraded, men upon whom God has laid the burden to labor for the masses in a variety of ways, let these converted ones go forth and gather from the world the means required to do this work. Let them not depend on the means which God intends shall sustain the work of the gospel.

The sanitarium in Battle Creek needs the brains and heart of which

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