Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 1

Manuscript Releases Volume Twenty-one [Nos. 1501-1598]

A Word of Explanation

When Ellen White died in 1915, she left her manuscripts and letters in the custody of a small group of ministers and administrators in the Seventh-day Adventist church whom she had appointed to serve as trustees of her estate. As the years passed, these trustees and their successors became increasingly aware of the potential usefulness to the church of this gold mine of unpublished materials. Procedures were developed whereby church entities, or even individuals, could request the “release” of specified excerpts from Ellen White's writings for use in books, articles, class lectures, or sermons. For details of the release process the reader is referred to the preface to Manuscript Releases, Vol. 1. 21MR 1.1

As in the earlier volumes, materials currently available elsewhere in published form have not been included in the present volume. In A few cases materials under consideration and assigned A release number were not processed. And the number was not reassigned. Until 1983, only the excerpts requested for public use were “released.” Starting with Manuscript Release no. 970, the White Estate began “releasing” entire letters or manuscripts, so far as possible, even if only particular paragraphs were requested. 21MR 1.2

Copy for this volume has been sent to the publisher camera-ready, which means that any typographical mistakes or other inaccuracies which may appear are the responsibility of the White Estate, not the publisher. 21MR 1.3

We take pleasure in making these materials available in this form, and trust that the counsels, warnings, and principles put forth by the author will bring a blessing to every reader. 21MR 1.4

The Trustees of the. 21MR 1

Ellen G. White Estate. 21MR 1

Silver Spring, Maryland. 21MR 1

Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation
Manuscript ReleasePage
1501Testimony to Members of the Prahran Church1
1502Funds Needed for Avondale5
1503Christ's Wilderness Temptation8
1504Giving Proof of the Call to the Ministry13
1505Train Canvassers; Stay Away From Large Centers; Keep a Tranquil Mind, Looking to Jesus17
1506Stay Away From Political Strife; The Fruit of True Conversion20
1507The State of the Work in Australia; Ministers and Church Members to Work for Souls; Influence of Parents; Need for Health Reform27
1508An Appeal for Personal Piety, Unity, and Fiscal Responsibility Among Denominational Workers40
1509Commentary on the Epistle to the Ephesians; Medical Work to Be Connected to the Church51
1510The Proper Attitude in Prayer59
1511The Judgments of God64
1512Christ Our Helper; Seek for Unity70
1513Accept God's Plans; Be Humble; Trust Fellow Workers72
1514Obtaining and Using Funds for Buildings and Publications; Strong Areas of God's Work to Help Weaker Ones74
1515God's Judgments on the Cities79
1516God's People to Be the Light of the World83
1517Dedication of Paradise Valley Sanitarium; Results of San Francisco Earthquake; Defense of the True Sabbath85
1518Locate Sanitariums Away From the Cities90
1519Churches to Be Built in Oakland and Mountain View; Structures to Reflect Our Belief in Christ's Soon Coming93
1520Ministers to Proclaim the Word; Avoid Appearance of Evil95
1521Encouragement and Comfort From God's Word101
1522Nourishing, Appetizing Food to Be Served at Our Sanitariums103
1523A Son Urged to Obey the Fifth Commandment105
1524Exercising Faith and Rejoicing in the Lord in Spite of Pain and Suffering108
1525Divinely Led to Buy Elmshaven; Warning Against Fanatical Movements; Search the Word, and Believe Its Promises126
1526Counsel to a Nervous Dyspeptic and His Family134
1527Lessons From the Feeding of the Five Thousand138
1528The Work of J. E. White and W. C. White141
1529Southern Field Robbed by Diversion of Funds143
1530Fanaticism May Accompany a Genuine Revival147
1531Christ's Method of Imparting Truth150
1532The Need for Faith, Love, and Christlikeness154
1533Counsel to an Immoral Administrator in an Adventist Institution157
1534The Danger of False Views About God171
1535Warning Against J. H. Kellogg and His Book, The Living Temple174
1536How a Christian Should Treat Others178
1537Spirituality and Financial Integrity Needed at Church Headquarters183
1538An Appeal for Sacrificial Giving188
1539Christ's Sacrifice Testifies to Permanence of God's Law193
1540Material Appearing in Delmer Johnson's “Colorado Vacations of James and Ellen White”
1541Christ-Centered Messages Needed at Camp Meetings198
1542Dealing With Dissident Brethren Through Prayer, Preaching, and Personal Effort202
15431880 Camp Meeting at Milton, Oregon206
1544Relation of Husbands and Wives213
1545God Uses Imprisonment for His Own Purposes219
1546How Shall We Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas222
1547Trials and Blessings at the Newcastle Camp Meeting; Abiding in Christ227
1548Rebuke the Devil and Praise the Lord237
1549Praising God for a Remarkable Healing239
1550Oregon's Camp Meeting and Ministerial Needs, 1878241
1551Severe Problems Resolved at the 1880 Milton, Oregon, Camp Meeting245
1552A Solemn Appeal to Surrender to Christ252
1553A Vision Concerning Problems in New York258
1554Testimony Concerning Work in Ohio; Church Leaders to Be Chosen Carefully260
1555Perplexities in the South Are Not Impossibilities; Work on in Faith265
1556Church Leaders to Be Self-Denying and Humble, Not Proud and Dictatorial269
1557Evangelism in Melbourne Suburbs; God's Law Everlasting; Truth in Triumph Over Error280
1558Dietary Advice to a Sanitarium Physician; Let the Adventist Light Shine285
1559The Use of Drugs vs Simple Remedies; Ellen White's Diet289
1560Strengthening the Cause in the Sydney Area; Importance of the Seventh-day Sabbath292
1561Counsel on Open-Air Meetings300
1562Greater Need of Christ and Less of Self301
1563Call to a Greater Work in Europe304
1564The Meaning of Consecration306
1565A Trip Across Germany and Holland to England310
1566The Ings Invited to Join the Work in England312
1567Counsel to S. N. Haskell Regarding Delay to Leave for Europe; Defense of Sister Harris315
1568A Report on Temporal and Spiritual Matters319
1569Encouragement for S. N. Haskell and the Ings; Conditions at the Health Retreat321
1570A Vivid View of Future Events325
1571Our Need of Christ's Transforming Grace, Humility, and Love329
1572The Need for Self-Restraint and Concerted Action332
1573Counsel Together and Lean Wholly on God336
1574Piety Low in Oslo; Meditations at a Funeral; Trouble in Nimes340
1575A Description of Christ's Return and the Final Judgment; Appeal for Faithful Stewardship346
1576Meetings in Melbourne and Vicinity; Commercial Work at the Echo Office; Charge Adequate Tuition355
1577A Call to Rightly Represent the Truth364
1578News From Australia; A Call to Sanctification and to Work for Souls367
1579The Cases of I. C. Day, S. Haskell, S. Smith373
1580Admonitions for a Wayward Minister378
1581The Melbourne Camp Meeting; God's Great Gift388
1582Financial Straits Near Cooranbong in 1896394
1583Ministers Should Cooperate and Preach Practical Truths398
1584Call to a Higher Standard402
1585The Importance of the Law of God408
1586Preach the Message, Not Irrelevant Theories412
1587True Christianity; Being a Good Samaritan414
1588Dr. Kellogg's Case Almost Hopeless; The Indescribable Marvel of Christ's Incarnation416
1589Meetings in Massachusetts and Connecticut421
1590Ministers to Stand Firm for Principles425
1591Counsel to Parents of a Wayward Son429
1592Health Reform to Be Advocated; Great Controversy to Be Promoted Strongly432
1593A Call to Prepare for the Final Crisis436
1594Importance of Financial Considerations When Revising E.G. White Books439
1595Words of Instruction Regarding Camp Meetings, Soul Winning, and Truth-filled Books442
1596American Sentinel Not to Change Its Policies; Circulation of The Great Controversy and Daniel and Revelation Urged; Publishing House Leaders Need to Be Converted446
1597One College Better Than Two in the Northwest457
1598Medical and Ministerial Workers Should Harmonize463

MR No. 1501—Testimony to the Members of the Prahran Church

(Written April 4, 1898, from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.) 21MR 1

I am troubled in spirit. The word of the Lord has come to me to ask the leaders of the Prahran church, “Who has entrusted you with the responsibilities of the church? Say unto these men, ‘When for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil’” [Hebrews 5:12-14]. 21MR 1.5

If the churches in Melbourne and Prahran should continue to act out the principles which have come into their hearts and which have been cherished, it would be perilous to hold camp meetings in Melbourne, for the members of these churches have revealed the impossibility of two walking together unless they be agreed. In a limited degree, this whole matter was laid open before me, and the representation has nearly broken my heart. 21MR 1.6

“Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.” “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” The leaven of malice, which should not be admitted to the soul, has taken possession of the members of the church, and is permeating their minds and hearts. The men who have been set as watchmen over little churches in the suburbs of Melbourne are unfaithful to their trusts. God does not acknowledge these men as teachers, because they will not be instructed but follow their own perverse way, by reason of which the truth is evil spoken of. They have led the people into false paths. There has not been a close investigation of the spirit cherished by those who have been appointed to instruct. 21MR 1.7

When Jesus walked on earth as a man among men, the people excited His compassion, because He saw that they were as sheep without a shepherd. Although the scribes and Pharisees sat in Moses’ seat, yet they well merited censure as thieves and robbers who exercised their power in an authoritative manner but left the sheep unfed. This view of the matter may startle some into a consideration of what kind of guidance the flock of God is receiving today. There needs to be much more well-organized effort and far less preaching. The instruction given in the church is to be given modestly. If the teacher be a 21MR 1.8

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