Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 108

MR No. 1524—Exercising Faith and Rejoicing in the Lord in Spite of Pain and Suffering

(Diary entries written in 1892 at Preston, Victoria, Australia. Large portions of this manuscript appear in various Manuscript Releases; Selected Messages, book 2; This Day With God; Sons and Daughters of God; and Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 2.)

I am deeply grieved as I see that those now in positions of trust in our work do not think of the sacrifices made in the past to establish the work in its various branches. It hurts me to see these new workers, who have made few sacrifices and borne few burdens, demanding the highest wages. They know nothing of what it has cost to bring the work to its present condition; and I can see that in my dealings with them I need not expect any consideration. Their actions have been so harsh and unfeeling that I am led to understand better the word of the Lord to me that I must lean upon His arm, that He will be to me a God and a Father.

“I will comfort you,” He says. “Selfishness rules in the hearts of these men, and they will grieve and wound and bruise souls. If they loved Me, they would love those who are united with Me as My co-workers. It is I, their Lord, whom they slight. They have no living connection with Me. They know not what they do. They have set at naught My counsel, and refused My reproofs. I demanded the love and allegiance of their hearts, but I did not receive it.

“If your earthly treasures are taken away, you are not to grieve, for I will give you heavenly treasure. If I remove the dearest objects of earthly attachment, I will supply the lack with more of Myself. It is in the time of deepest sorrow that I send the richest tokens of My grace. I will cause the afflicted soul to break forth into the song of praise and thanksgiving, ‘It is good for me that I have been afflicted.’ The trials and losses that come to you are to purify and refine you, and fit you for immortality.”

This was the assurance given me, and I am determined to put my trust in the Lord. I will not murmur or complain. I am comforted every day, for the Lord understands my suffering. Even if He does not remove it, He will give me grace to endure the pain. I am comforted, and I praise the Lord with heart and soul and voice.

Every worker in the Lord's vineyard will have trials and disappointments and grievous annoyances to bear. If the worker gives way to discouragement, his soul is wearied and his courage sapped. His only hope is in God. If he will look steadfastly

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