Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 126

MR No. 1525—Divinely Led to Buy Elmshaven; Warning Against Fanatical Movements; Search the Word, and Believe its Promises

(Written October 10, 1900, from St. Helena, California, to Elder and Mrs. S. N. Haskell. Portions of this manuscript appear in Manuscript Releases 284 and 704; The Faith I Live By; Selected Messages, book 2; and Revival and Beyond.) 21MR 126

I have received several letters from you, one of which was sent to Australia and returned to me here. I send you a copy of a letter written to Brother and Sister Farnsworth. I could not get all copied that I had written, so I sent that which I had, and just got it copied in time for the Vancouver mail. I am much interested in all that you write me. 21MR 126.1

You may be surprised to learn of our purchasing this place under the hill. In the providence of God this was brought to our attention as soon as we arrived here a week ago last Friday. 21MR 126.2

For several days after reaching Oakland we spent the time in Oakland house hunting, to find a place to locate our families. We found nothing that was suitable, and I said, “I am done. I shall search no more. The Lord knows what our work is and where we should be located; and we shall wait the Lord's time.” 21MR 126.3

When I reached the Retreat I related my experience in looking for a place in Oakland. Sister Ings said, “There is a place under the hill that will suit you. It belonged to Brother Pratt's brother. Brother Burden has bought it, and he will be glad to sell it to you.” 21MR 126.4

As soon as we could, we went down to see the place, and we were well pleased with it. It is just the place I need. 21MR 126.5

When I left Sunnyside, I sold everything, with the exception of Jessie White and my platform wagon. These I presented to Brother James as his own, to use in missionary work. Jaspar and Rowdy went with the place. Jessie Haskell I left with Brother and Sister Hughes. Sara sold them her carriage, and I hear that Sister Hughes drives out every pleasant day. 21MR 126.6

Well, to go back to my story, the Lord planned for me, and I found that I could buy this place here for less than I received for my house in Cooranbong and all its belongings. This includes two horses, one rather old, four carriages and a platform wagon, much better than the one I gave away, and a house furnished throughout. It was like stepping out of my home in Cooranbong into a beautiful, roomy one here. It has surprised me much that we should be thus favored. 21MR 126.7

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