Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 127

The Retreat purchased ten acres from me for sewerage purposes, for which they paid one thousand dollars. They also paid one hundred and seventy five dollars for a place on which to build a food factory. This made my place cost me about six thousand dollars. I sold the place in Cooranbong for seven thousand.

I am satisfied with the price paid for this place. I have not yet discovered all that is included in the sale, but Brother Burden has the matter in hand, and he will see that things are as they should be.

This place was none of my seeking. It has come to me without a thought or purpose of mine. The Lord is so kind and gracious to me. I can trust my interests with Him who is too wise to err and too good to do me harm.

Now I have a home where you will delight to be. You are invited to come and remain as long as you are happy here. If only it were fruit season, how glad we would be if you could be with us to enjoy the fruit. There are a variety of fruit trees in the orchard, but no fruit ripe now except grapes, and they will soon be a thing of the past.

On Thursday evening I spoke in the sanitarium chapel. The room was well filled, and there were some standing at the entrance. I had much freedom in speaking. I hope the Lord will give me a hold upon the people. Friday night, by request, I spoke again. The blessing of the Lord seemed to rest upon me, and also upon the hearers. Quite a number of the patients came to hear me.

Sabbath morning at half past five we went to the station to take the train for Napa, a town sixteen miles away. We ate our breakfast in a tent after reaching there. Sister Gotzian and Sister Ings were with me, and I do not remember when I enjoyed a journey so much or a meal so thoroughly. We all ate with excellent appetites. I wished that both of you were with us.

I spoke in the large tent in the morning, bearing as plain and decided a testimony as I have ever borne in my life. It cut its way apparently to the hearts of those present.

Brother Irwin took up the meeting where I left it, and a revival effort was made. Many came forward for prayers, among them the nurses from the sanitarium. The people thought it the best meeting they had ever attended.

We returned to St. Helena on the evening train. A council was held the next morning, but I became very weary, and left the brethren to go on with the meeting, while I went to visit the place it was proposed I should buy.

The next Friday afternoon I drove with Edson and Sara to Napa. I spoke in the tent Sabbath forenoon to a large number. In the afternoon

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