Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 13

MR No. 1504—Giving Proof of the Call to the Ministry

(Written September 24, 1859, from Topsham, Maine, and October 10, 1859, from Roxbury, Vermont.) 21MR 13

I was shown the state of things in Vermont. Their condition is not pleasing to God. They should have order among them, and have everything done up exact, straight, and square. There is too much leaving things at loose ends, and I saw there has been too much leaving the important truths to dwell on little things. There has been a stiff, unbending spirit with some in Vermont, and a desire to bend others to their ideas or notions. 21MR 13.1

There has been a moving by feeling, and neglecting the living principles. Dwell on the great principles of our faith, and do not descend to the little particulars. There has been a faultfinding spirit, a watching others that there should not be. I saw that brethren in Vermont must change their course. They must not move from impulse, but from principle. 21MR 13.2

I was shown the case of the brethren who feel that God has a work for them in the field, Brethren Bean and Evans. If God has called them, the weight and burden of the message will rest in power upon them, and their gift will not be exercised among believers only, but the great burden of their work will be to go out in new fields and raise up a company to keep the truth. But I saw that these brethren had not understood their work fully. God has not called them to give themselves unreservedly to the work. Oh no. They can assist in the work and do errands for the Lord, but they should not feel to throw themselves on the church as messengers or as called and chosen servants of Jesus to travel from place to place, or State to State, to labor and preach. 21MR 13.3

Their time should not be occupied visiting the different churches. They do not [do] good this way in traveling from church to church. The churches generally are just as well off without them. They have a duty to do, in case ministers are absent, to baptize or administer the ordinances. It is pleasant to visit the brethren and churches of Sabbathkeepers, but still the church is just as well off without such laborers, unless they have a special message to deliver; and these should be careful of their time when they are not on a special errand for God, laboring with their hands the thing that is good. Both of these brethren can be of use in their place, but they have thought 21MR 13.4

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