Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 137

put your trust in Him. It is the privilege of all, ministers and people, to put their trust in the Saviour. Let your conversation be heavenly. Reveal by your words that Christ is abiding in the soul. When tempted to speak words that will grieve the Holy Spirit, lift the heart to God in prayer. He will help you to speak right words. Hope thou in God. Be a humble, trusting child of faith. I know that the Lord will not forsake you if you will put your trust in Him.

Have you not brethren in the faith who can help you by their counsel? If so, go to them, tell them just how you are situated, and ask them to pray that the Lord will bless and encourage you. Then you must cooperate with God. “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure”[Philippians 2:12, 13].—Letter 104, 1901.

Ellen G. White Estate

Silver Spring, Maryland,

October 25, 1990.

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