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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 138

MR No. 1527—Lessons From the Feeding of the Five Thousand

(Written July 25, 1906, from the campground at Oakland, California, to Brother and Sister O. A. Olsen.) 21MR 138

I would be so much pleased to see you both and have a visit with you, and have a praying season with you. We are now to be on our guard every moment, lest Satan shall obtain victories over us. We need to brace up in the Lord Jesus Christ, and pray and believe, for time is short. Be of good courage. 21MR 138.1

We need to bear in mind what is written in John 6:3-13. Here Christ shows us that He takes advantage of circumstances. He knew well that there would be an opportunity for Him to become a field preacher. The multitude followed Him, and standing sometimes upon a hill, He sat in the chair of state as a teacher to give the Word, which is the bread of life, to the people. He did not give them the Scriptures, but He fed them by enlarging a small substance of temporal food—by a miracle. 21MR 138.2

That occasion would be long remembered. Temporal food supplied to the hungry may so open the way to place Him in the chair of instruction. He did not sit at ease; He sat as One having authority. He condescended to bring His disciples before the large numbers to give them [a] reputation, that many would recognize in their workings that they worked as Christ had. The very deeds of mercy done by our Lord will open a door for His disciples. 21MR 138.3

My brother, my sister, it is a delicate work to address you both. Make the Word your guide, Sister Olsen. The more you get your mind off yourself, and consider the many, many things that need to have sharp, keen thought how to handle difficult problems, [the more] the Lord Jesus will give you the wisdom you ask of Him. The distribution of the grace of God imparted to that multitude in words, as well as a free-will offering of the food enlarged, prepared the way for our Saviour in many places. Now His blessing was on the food. God's blessing will be upon His disciples as they break the bread of life to [meet] the necessities of hungry souls. 21MR 138.4

Now, my dear Sister Olsen, we have One upon whom we can rely to keep you and to help you to be courageous and keep looking unto your Saviour as One who can supply all your necessities. Then in speaking cheerful words yourself, the Great Healer makes those words health to the one who speaks encouragingly to those who need words of helpfulness. Now is our lesson to 21MR 138.5

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