Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 143

MR No. 1529—Southern Field Robbed by Diversion of Funds

(Written from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, February 20, 1899, to “C. H. Jones and all who are standing in responsible positions in the Pacific Press.”) 21MR 143

The Lord has been opening some matters before me. I have been instructed to say that some of the actions of men in important positions of trust are not approved by God. 21MR 143.1

The Lord stirred my heart to make an appeal in behalf of the Southern field. He said that He would move upon His people to give of their means to help in this field, and He did impress the people to give for this purpose. And the word went out that ten thousand dollars had been raised for the Southern field. This was at a time when the men at the head of the work were carrying out their unjust, fraudulent transactions in regard to The Gospel Primer and other books. Pressure was brought to bear, first to hinder, and then to get control of The Gospel Primer, and in the place of the work in the South being aided by the sale of this book, as it might have been, the income was reduced and diverted to other uses. What a blind selfishness! 21MR 143.2

The terribly neglected condition of the colored people in the South is charged by God upon those in America who have been given light by God regarding the great necessities of that field, and yet have done so little to relieve that situation. No people have suffered such great oppression as the colored people in the South. None have through the treatment received been brought into such degradation. And for no people has so little been done to uplift. They have not been taught to read that they might know the Word of God. This field stands forth to witness against those who have had the light of truth, who have had their duty plainly presented to them, but who have neglected to do what should have been done. 21MR 143.3

In several letters which I have received, the question has been asked, “Sister White, can you tell what has become of the money donated to the Southern field?” I could not tell; therefore did not answer. Dishonesty has been shown in turning aside the means which should have gone to the work in the Southern field; and one night I was instructed that the manager of the Pacific Press had something to do with the turning aside of the funds for the South. 21MR 143.4

Those who made donations to the work in the South have a right to know that their money never reached the destitute field for which it was intended. 21MR 143.5

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