Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 144

It is such things as these that destroy the confidence of the people in those who have the management of the work of God.

What is the reason of this condition of things? Unfaithful stewardship. Those connected with the institutions under the supervision of God, who received donations for the Southern field, should at once have sent forward this money to the field for which it was donated. But this was not done, and the Lord regards as untrustworthy servants those whose judgment was so perverted that they did not handle aright the money sent as a consecrated offering to God.

Our individual influence is proportionate to the position we occupy and the work we are doing. Those who acted a part in robbing the Southern field had every facility—buildings, machinery, and workers—yet they could take “the one ewe lamb,” and let consequences and results take care of themselves. What does it mean? Were these men controlled by the Holy Spirit? God holds responsible those who by pen or voice acted a part in diverting His means from the field for which it was raised. In heart, mind, and soul they were controlled by covetousness. Covetousness is idolatry, and no idolater will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Such a state of things will bring a terrible reaction. The dearth of money and facilities that has been felt in the Southern field is a severe witness against the men who have proved themselves untrustworthy. The money raised for the work in the South was not donated to the General Conference, neither was it donated to the Pacific Press Publishing House. It was no more the property of the General Conference or the Pacific Press than it was my property. The diverting of this means from its proper channel was a fraudulent transaction, which stands recorded against the actors. Every dollar of this money—the principal and the interest up to the present time—should be placed where God designed it should be. I accuse no one; but God knows every action.

The God of heaven will not prosper those who cannot distinguish between righteousness and fraud. He has seen and heard the prayers and tears and want of the Southern field. Those who selfishly withhold the means so much needed in that field will be held responsible for the work that should have been done and is not done. For permitting men to divert the means raised for the South the General Conference will have to render an account to God.

Will the men who should have a sharp sense of justice and equity continue to work upon a worldly, fraudulent policy? When the Lord moves upon His people to give of their means for a certain purpose,

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