Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 147

MR No. 1530—Fanaticism May Accompany a Genuine Revival

(Written in 1886 to Elders A. T. Jones, J. N. Loughborough, E. J. Waggoner, and J. H. Waggoner.)

I wish to say some things in reference to the revival at Healdsburg.

I wish to say I am not in harmony with your treatment of this matter. That there were fanatical ones who pressed into that work I would not deny. But if you move in the future as you have done in this matter, you may be assured of one thing, you will condemn the work of the latter rain when it shall come. For you will see at that time far greater evidences of fanaticism.

I believe the work at Healdsburg to be genuine. I believe there were the deep movings of the Spirit of God. I believe unconsecrated, unconverted ones urged themselves to the front. The enemy always works through those of unbalanced minds and imperfect characters. I do not believe that Elder E. P. Daniels moved wisely in all things, and it would be a new chapter in the experience of workers if there was not a mistake made in some things.

Has not God presented before you the defects and want of wisdom in your ways and in your management? If Elder Daniels erred in some things, who of you dared to tell him to preach no more? Who of you dared to stop the work because in your finite judgment everything did not appear to meet your ideas? Every time I think of this matter I am so pained I try to put it out of my mind at once.

When an effort shall be made in the work of God, Satan will be on the ground to urge himself to notice, but shall it be the work of ministers to stretch out the hand and say, This must go no farther, for it is not the work of God? I believe that God was giving the people in Healdsburg a warning and I believe that some would have taken hold of the truth; and I believe you had no right whatever to lay your hand on that work, but should have joined yourself to it. If you saw errors—as there must have been errors—then you should have corrected them in as private a manner as possible and put no arguments or excuses in the minds of the opposers of truth, to resist the truth.

I wish you could see what a delicate, dangerous matter it is to meddle with the work of God unless you have light from heaven to guide you in your decisions. I have not the confidence in Elder J. H. Waggoner's judgment in these matters that you

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