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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 149

God has chosen man to do a certain work. His mental capacities may be weak, but then the evidence is more apparent that God works. His speech may not be eloquent, but that is no evidence that he has not a message from God. His knowledge may be limited, but in many cases God can work with His wisdom through such an agent, and the power be seen of God, more than through one possessing natural and acquired abilities and who knows it, and has confidence in himself, in his judgment, in his knowledge, in his manner of address.

Elder Daniels is an acceptable speaker and [he is], as I have been shown, a man of not the deepest judgment, one who needed a counselor. But he is a man who could come close to the hearts of the people, one who possesses sympathy in personal efforts that would penetrate the barriers built up about the soul that resisted the influence of the truth. God works in and through frail instruments, and He is not discerned.

Now with the fruits of a good work evidenced before your senses, that you should feel competent to come in and hinder the work or to be sufficient to say, Thus far shall you go and no farther, is a work I would not have dared to do, unless God had given me a message direct from His throne. I tell you plainly, I have no confidence in Elder Waggoner's decisions or feelings. His son would naturally take his view of the case and seek to make his decisions appear true and righteous, because these decisions must be maintained.—Letter 76, 1886.

Ellen G. White Estate

Silver Spring, Maryland,

October 25, 1990.

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