Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 154

MR No. 1532—The Need for Faith, Love, and Christlikeness

(Written July 19, 1899, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N.S.W., to Mrs. S. M. I. Henry.) 21MR 154

I have been very sick for one week during our conference. I am now improving. I was able Monday to sit in a carriage and ride very slowly to the school grounds, and meet with a large company in the school chapel. I commenced to talk in great weakness, but my voice became stronger. I was unable to stand, and was accommodated with an easy chair on the platform. My address was, “The Sanitarium, Our Great Necessity,” and presenting the features of what should be in the building to be erected. I will send the talk to you. The speaking did me no harm. We are all interested, and all can do something, but we cannot anyone create large donations, All must do their best. 21MR 154.1

The Lord blesses Dr. Caro in a large measure. If we could have had the building erected one year ago, it was the Lord's time, but we are behind one year. If I could visit America I would be able to visit the churches, and they would donate. The three thousand dollars raised in the General Conference assembled at South Lancaster is all that came from that wonderful donation. 21MR 154.2

The fifteen thousand dollars appropriated by Mr. Norman, where is it? If he had kept out of the way, then the work begun there would have gone through the churches, and we could have had sufficient to erect a sanitarium. But the spirit of sacrifice stopped there and then. We are congratulated by several letters received from America that are congratulating us in regard to the means donated. This may be the reason everything is so silent now. But we have a meetinghouse to build in Newcastle, and a sanitarium to build. We shall do all that we possibly can and trust the Lord. 21MR 154.3

Brother John Wessels is here. His money he could not bring, for it is tied up in Africa. 21MR 154.4

Tomorrow we have another meeting in behalf of the sanitarium to see or test what the people will do to raise means. The Lord has money among His people. The three thousand dollars raised, I understand, is to be apportioned to the most needy objects in the sanitarium interests. Were the building now up and in running order, there would be no dearth of patronage. But the Lord will devise and plan some way for us to get the money. We do have faith, notwithstanding the prospect is so apparently without encouragement. 21MR 154.5

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