Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 155

We have been having excellent meetings, although I have been able to attend but a few. Our people will have the information concerning the meetings. I have not much writing for this mail which leaves today.

Our faith and trust is in the Lord. The work is the Lord's. We are His servants to do His will. All seem to be of excellent courage. All seem to feel that all the attributes God has given them must become vocal, to communicate the precious things of truth. The Lord would have His entrusted talents multiplied and returned back to Him to awaken the rejoicing of angels round about the throne of God. Oh, if all only understood their accountability before God, what a revenue of thanksgiving and praise would go forth from human lips, proceeding from the heart of thanksgiving and praise.

When the third angel's message shall go forth with a loud voice and the whole earth shall be lightened with His glory, the Holy Spirit is poured out upon God's people. The revenue of glory has been accumulating for this closing work of the third angel's message. Of the prayers that have been ascending for the fulfillment of the promise—the descent of the Holy Spirit—not one has been lost. Each prayer has been accumulating, ready to overflow and pour forth a healing flood of heavenly influence and accumulated light all over the world.

We need greater faith. We need now to be worked by the Holy Spirit. Believers themselves need to be reconverted and understand what is comprehended in the third angel's message. If we individually understood our privileges and opportunities when we assemble together, each heart would have a living experience, and the Lord Jesus would be in our midst. Thick currents of His love would flow from heart to heart, and the petty, and also larger, difficulties would disappear. Brotherly love would tell its precious story, and there would be no discussion. Heart would blend with heart in a oneness with Christ Jesus, and bound up with Christ in God they [would] see His face by faith. Then the standard of truth is uplifted, the light from heaven is poured over the world.

All who will may come to the securing of the sanctified gift. New victories, under the love and grace of Jesus Christ, are to be added to the domains of the church. The barren places of the earth will become as the garden of the Lord, for the church becomes the region of light and of utility. We want now to be wide-awake to catch every divine ray of light.

The meek shall be as David, and David as an angel of the Lord. Every Christian will see in the face of every other the face of God in benevolence and brotherly love. We need, my sister, greater benevolence, greater

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