Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 16

engaged in the work of God, you should be economical of your time and seek to be eased when others are burdened and have all they can do to get along. Your time should be spent to glorify God. It has troubled the minds of many from what I saw that you are eased when others are burdened.

Those who have property have a duty to do to dispose of their means to God's glory, but the burden does not rest alone upon them. Many of them have acquired their property by hard labor. They used the strength lent them of God to obtain what they have. Responsibilities rest upon them to dispose of their means in a right manner to glorify [God], and those who have strength of body should use their time and strength to God's glory and provide for themselves. And some I saw could do more than this, could bless others by advancing the cause of God with the means earned by the sweat of the brow. They should not live on the bounty of others, but be diligent in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.—Manuscript 1, 1859.

Ellen G. White Estate

Silver Spring, Maryland,

May 10, 1990.

Entire Ms.

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