Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 17

MR No. 1505—Train Canvassers; Stay Away From Large Centers; Keep a Tranquil Mind, Looking Constantly to Jesus

(Written May 21, 1903, from St. Helena, California, to E.R. Palmer.) 21MR 17

In the past I have felt perplexed about saying to you all that I desired to say, for I feared that you would not understand me. I now wish to say that had not the Review and Herald been destroyed, the plans that you and Elder Daniells were forming would have made it necessary for me to say many things to counteract what you were working to accomplish. In your feelings of opposition to the proper development of the smaller printing offices, and your desire to bring much of our publishing work to Battle Creek, you were on the wrong track. But the Lord has taken this matter in hand in a way that must be recognized, and it is not necessary for me to carry this burden on my heart. 21MR 17.1

There are some things that I must present to you. It is not best for you to take up work in Battle Creek. Had you decided to accept the invitations for you to do this, I should have felt it my duty to present to you as clearly as possible what the result would be. I will now say that your wisest course will be not to attach yourself to any large center. In such a place there are always many perplexities, and there are always influences that work counter to the right. You are not prepared mentally or physically to meet these things. 21MR 17.2

My counsel to you is to take up the work in some new place. Try to build up a work that has not been shaped. In doing this your strength will be employed to far better advantage than in a place like Battle Creek, where the influences are so varied and so unsanctified, and where the elements of contention are so strong. Away from the confusion of Battle Creek, you would be of far more value to the line of work that you are best fitted for. 21MR 17.3

Brother Palmer, the Lord has given you a special and important gift, in your experience as a canvasser and your ability to teach others how to engage successfully in this work. You are not to become discouraged when you find that many do not see in all points as you do, and that there is a diversity of plans. The Lord has not given you the responsibility of governing the work, but He has given you wisdom as a teacher, and He will help you to help others to learn how to carry the canvassing work forward to success. 21MR 17.4

The Lord will give you strength to bear every burden that He has laid 21MR 17.5

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