Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 175

been deteriorating, because the spirit that has controlled in it is not a pure, holy spirit, but a spirit that for years has been seeking to exalt itself against My messengers. [1 Timothy 4:1, 2; 2 Timothy 4:1-5, quoted.]

“You are at this time passing through a trying experience. Stand strongly linked with My appointed messengers, and let not any evil words prejudice your minds or be as seed sown in your hearts. Your strength now is not in keeping silent and allowing fables to be brought in and taught as truth. My word will go forth as a lamp that burneth. I will work through messengers who will not yoke up with Dr. Kellogg, who will not endorse his methods and plans, but who will reprove them. He has refused to wear My yoke, and unless he is converted I will separate from him and from those who sustain him in his self-exaltation.

Those who are carrying on the work of our sanitariums are not to shun responsibility and neglect their duty in order to give Dr. Kellogg the right of way. He has drawn many of our youth to Battle Creek, and they have become fastened where they will be brought under influences opposed to God. They are not to be kept under this training. Cut loose, cut loose, is my message. Souls are being deceived; sentiments are being received which originate with satanic agencies. Cut loose, cut loose.

Fields were pointed out which, though kept open for years, have been left unworked, while there has been devising and planning, and the Lord has been reproving these plans. Instruction has been given me that if so many young people had not been gathered to Battle Creek, a great and efficient work might have been done. Places that are unworked might have been entered, and souls might have been reached by the truth. Small companies of workers, under the wise generalship of consecrated teachers, should be going forth into needy fields. Whenever this work is taken up in earnest, careful movements will need to be made. There should be no wild, fanatical flights. A wise program should be made by men under the control and guidance of the Lord, built up in the most holy faith.

The students in our various colleges and training schools are to have wise medical teachers. The students are to be given wise religious instruction. Their teachers are to be men who love and fear the Lord, men of self-control, whose lives give evidence that they have learned to obey and reverence God. If a teacher does not fear God and keep His commandments, cling not to him however high his capabilities, for he will sow seeds of unbelief in the minds of the youth. No man should be allowed to carry out doubtful, forbidden projects.

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