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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 178

MR No. 1536—How a Christian Should Treat Others

(Written February 8, 1895, from “Norfolk Villa,” Prospect Street, Granville, N.S.W., to an unknown church member.) 21MR 178

I received your letter, and I thank you for writing me the particulars that you did. The only way for you to meet the difficulties which seem to be hedging up your way to usefulness is to walk humbly with God. When self is hid in Jesus, we are shielded from the darts of the enemy. Consistency of life alone can command respect, and sincerity of counsel alone be effectual to persuade. 21MR 178.1

The Lord has given great light to His people as to how they should treat the erring. They should aid those who need help, who are struggling with all their power to overcome in the name and strength of Jesus. Every true agent of Christ will be a doer of His words, will wear His yoke, and be [a] laborer together with Him. Those who are followers of Christ will not exhibit characteristics that are cheap and selfish, but in word, spirit, and action they will reveal the tenderness of Christ. 21MR 178.2

Some will even sacrifice the claims of friendship to carry out their own ideas, thinking that their wonderful zeal is zeal for the Lord, but their inspiration is not from above. We have need constantly to be watchful and to guard self, lest we press upon others principles which we do not practice ourselves. A domineering, overbearing spirit is not of God, and should not be exercised toward believers or unbelievers, however lowly may be their station. Christians are required to represent Christ in all their dealings with those for whom He has given His precious life. 21MR 178.3

However high may be our position, as children of God it becomes us to be meek and lowly of heart. The heavier the responsibilities we venture to bear, the more diligent students we should be in the school of Christ, ever learning of Him the manner of His speech, the kindness, the merciful forbearance, the tender, pitying love, the yearning compassion of His Spirit. 21MR 178.4

Christ manifests compassion toward those who most need His help and strength, toward those who have most difficult battles to fight. In this regard those who have accepted holy office of trust should learn a most thorough lesson. Unless they learn of Christ they will fail to reveal tenderness, sympathy, and compassion. 21MR 178.5

The atmosphere that surrounds the soul must be vitalized by heavenly principle, for naturally our influence 21MR 178.6

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