Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 179

is but evil. When all feel that it is a positive duty to see what atmosphere surrounds their soul, and by viewing Christ with the eye of faith to keep above the fogs and the clouds and look upon Him who is invisible, then our influence will exert a continual power, no matter what may be our calling or position.

He who continually beholds Christ will make it manifest in his spirit, in his words, in his course of action. He will not crowd anyone, will not push tried souls into stronger temptation, or indifferently leave them on Satan's battleground. He will reach out a hand to help, and seek to draw souls upward and heavenward. As a laborer together with God, he will see to it that the feet of the tempted ones are firmly planted on the Rock of ages.

Personal communion with God is the only means by which holiness of character may be prompted. Let those who are dealing with souls watch unto prayer, lest by a harsh spirit and unwise modes of action they destroy those for whom Christ has died.

As you work inquire, Is this the way that Christ would work? Is this course of action after the divine similitude? Every man who accepts a leading position is charged of the Lord to guard his actions with holy jealousy, lest he shall make a blunder in dealing with human minds.

To lose one's own soul because of pursuing a perverted course of action, is a terrible calamity, but how much more terrible is it to pursue a course of action that will destroy the souls of others! Many are ruining souls by taking a thoughtless, un-Christlike course of action.

Men in positions of influence, men who have ventured to assume responsibility, are dealing with human minds in a manner wholly unlike the manner in which Jesus dealt with human minds. Their friendship does not profit but rather weakens and destroys. The manner in which they deal with the erring has been represented to me under this figure—they are like a man in a boat who sees another struggling in the waves for his life. The drowning man tries to grasp hold of the boat to save his life, but instead of reaching out a helping hand to the perishing to lift him into the boat, he reaches down to break the drowning man's grasp, and leaves him to perish in the dark hungry waters. This represents the course of many.

As soon as some men begin to feel that they have an influence, then they begin to manifest their power in oppressing and domineering over their fellow men. The Lord lives and reigns, and He will require for all these things. With what holy jealousy should the individual guard his thoughts that his heart may be clean from all jealousy, and his words

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