Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 18

upon you. He will help you to make a success of the canvassing work. That which the Lord has fitted you to do in the education of canvassers is a much needed work.

It is not for me to lay out for you a definite line of work. But you should work, if possible, in some place where your mind will be kept in even balance, where you can be peaceful and quiet, where you will not be consulted on many questions. It is not best for you to have supervision over many things. Your mind should not be over-taxed. This would be a great injury to you. When too many perplexities are placed upon you, the blood rushes to your head, and you give way to an intensity of feeling that endangers your health.

Place yourself, if possible, where you will have little cause to worry over the work of others. As a teacher of canvassers you have talents that will make you very useful in the cause of God. But you are not to stand as a dictator.

If you should take upon you perplexities in which large interests are involved, the confusion that would come as the result of planning for the management of many things would not be for your own good or for the best interests of the cause of God. Those who would place upon you a variety of duties requiring the most careful management, are making a mistake. Your mind needs to be tranquil. You are to do a work that will not produce friction in your mind. You are to keep your conscience in the fear of God, according to the Bible standard, and you are to make steady improvement, that you may not be in any way unfitted for the work God has given you to do.

You are not to place yourself where a multiplicity of cares will crowd upon you. And above all, you are not to forget that you have a church in your own home to care for. This point must be considered. You have children to guide and direct. In studying the differences in their dispositions and tendencies, you will gain a valuable experience. Do not try to embrace too much in your labors. If you do this, you will not have opportunity to study the characters of your children.

I should not advise you to connect with any of our large institutions, to be exposed to the many temptations that will come. We all accept too much responsibility in connection with our work, when we need instead more restraint and a deeper sense of what God is to us and what we may be to Him. How many there are who live under such a pressure of worry that they taste but little of the sweetness of God's love. They do not know the meaning of the words, “That My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”

Your dependence must be in God. You are not to let other men

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