Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 188

MR No. 1538—An Appeal for Sacrificial Giving

(Written February 10, 1897, from Summer Hill, Sydney, N.S.W., to Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Kellogg.) 21MR 188

I thought I should have time to write you a letter to go by this mail, but we were fully employed in writing to Africa, and then word came to us from Brother Haskell that he had arrived in Sydney last Sabbath from New Zealand, and would very much like to converse with me in reference to furnishing the Health Home. In three hours we were speeding to the train with our fastest team, conjecturing all the four miles and a half whether or not we would be able to catch the train to Sydney. We were in season, the train was out of season—delayed in Newcastle, twenty miles from Morisset Station. We reached Strathfield, changed cars for Summer Hill, and arrived at the Health Home at 11:00 o'clock p.m. 21MR 188.1

Sara and myself slept scarcely any through the night, but went into the city to purchase needed things to furnish a room in the Health Home, for which I pay one dollar a week to help them in the rent. Brother and Sister Baker hire two rooms for which they pay ten shillings per week. Brother and Sister Semmens pay ten shillings a week. We do hope to get the house in something like presentable shape for them to do justice to the patients who shall come. 21MR 188.2

Sister Semmens had worked very hard up to the time of her confinement and she is not as well as we could wish. She has a nice boy, one week old last Monday. I think she is much worried over a deformity in her child. He has a double harelip, and it is very hard for him to nurse. She is a very sensitive woman, and this keeps her back. I know this is one cause of her weakness. The want of means has made it very hard for them both, but this could not be helped. I have done what I could. I advanced thirty-five pounds, and the health foods have been highly appreciated. 21MR 188.3

It takes a long time for goods via London to reach us, but they have come in good order. I have not seen the things you said were sent to me. I have not had time yet to investigate the matter. I have learned that Brother Semmens is doing well selling the health foods, but we have our talk today over the possibilities and probabilities of the situation. We feel thankful that you could give them this timely assistance. They appreciate it very much, for they have been in most straitened circumstances in his efforts to do anything. 21MR 188.4

You cannot appreciate in Battle Creek our hand-tied condition. I 21MR 188.5

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