Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 206

MR No. 1543—1880 Camp Meeting at Milton, Oregon

(Written May 20, 1880, from the campground at Milton, Oregon, to James White. Most of this letter appears in Manuscript Releases 7:28-35.) 21MR 206

Above two weeks and no letters from anyone. We seem to be shut out from the world. Not a line has come from anyone except a deed from Battle Creek for me to sign. One word from Brother Kellogg, stating that Brother White was setting out hedge and had bought back our place of Bow; that is all. 21MR 206.1

We came to the ground this morning. All are as busy as bees making their city of tents, hammering, clearing up brush, and stretching their tents. Loads are coming in. 21MR 206.2

Last night I spoke in the city of Walla Walla. Brethren had camped on the Walla Walla River. They heard of the appointment and came to the meeting. One wagonload of men, women, and children we met en route for Brother Woods's. Sister Maxson's daughter with her three children were in the wagon. Had been three days on the road. Came more than one hundred miles. Part of their company turned back to Walla Walla and attended our meeting. 21MR 206.3

The poor scattered sheep have been left to be torn by wolves and starve without food. They are coming in from all directions. These poor souls have had no labor, and yet they seem to cling to the truth, but are starving for food. 21MR 206.4

I think there never was a place where my testimony was needed more than in this region of [the] country. They seem to be deeply affected with what they hear. It takes hold upon their hearts. My prayer is continually, Lord, work in any way, send by whom Thou wilt. Make me an instrument of righteousness. Give me Thy word to give to the people. Make me a channel of light. 21MR 206.5

I never felt the necessity as now of watching unto prayer. I want my every word and action to correctly represent the holy faith we profess. Oh, I do not want that Christ should be ashamed of me as His follower. We must speak and act in that manner we wish others to speak and act. We want to be so connected with God that we will let our light shine in our words, our spirit, and our deportment. We must know that we are in Christ and Christ in us, or we cannot teach and lead others. 21MR 206.6

Elder Colcord we have just met; no letters to us. They arrived in good spirits and I think are just the ones for this country as far as finance is concerned. Van Horn will probably be called to some other field. He is 21MR 206.7

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