Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 207

not the man for this field. He lacks promptness and energy. Adelia holds him back from his labor and he will consent to be held. They have three children. She centers all her powers on them, and labors to have him do the same and has about succeeded.

I have had much distress of mind and felt so burdened I could at times scarcely breathe without sighing. What we can do for this people is more than I can tell. I feel just helpless. They are so far back they need everything done for them, and unless the Lord helps us we shall be unable to do anything. Oh, how feeble are all the efforts of man. I have one hope and that is that the Lord has sent us and will not leave us to be helpless.

Last Tuesday night I felt pressed as a cart beneath sheaves. While praying in Brother Woods's family, I wept in agony of soul with strong crying and tears. I sought the Lord after I went to my room. I could not forebear crying aloud. My heart was grieved for the people of God—the sheep of His pasture. Most of the night was spent in prayer. After two o'clock, I slept until after four, that is all. Tears and prayers were my meat through the night.

Wednesday night I was very free in speaking in Walla Walla. Thursday came on the ground. Meeting commenced that night. Slept but about one hour. Friday, meetings all day. I spoke in the afternoon with great freedom in a very pointed manner, but the darkness seemed so great. There has been great prejudice against me which I had not known, but I am not troubled about this. God can remove it away. He can work for us.

Sabbath, May 22—Dear Husband: This day opened with gentle showers. Took sitz bath last night. Slept well, but had a nervous headache. We had an excellent Sabbath school, one hundred and twenty in school. They did very well. Mary questioned the children's division and did first rate. I spoke about thirty minutes to the school.

Elder Haskell preached with great plainness. I went out to the stand with trembling, my head throbbing with pain. I spoke from the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah. The Lord spoke through me. The words came in demonstration of the Spirit and power, almost faster than I could articulate them. The congregation were nearly all in tears. I called them forward, and about fifty came forward, and they bore testimony. All were weeping like children. All felt the power and presence of God. There was indeed the revealing of His power. Hearts were subdued and broken before God.

A Dunkard preacher bore an excellent testimony. One white-headed man bore testimony that he thought he was not able to come to the meeting, but when he read in the

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