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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 240

not stand. The blessing of God rested upon him with such remarkable power. The angels of God seemed all around us. The awful, glorious presence of God was in our midst. Elder Loughborough felt the power of God all through his body. The room seemed holy.

The healing power of God came upon your father, and we believe that he will be qualified by spiritual and physical strength for the great work before us. The praise of God was in our hearts and upon our lips. We shouted the high praises of God. Whoso offereth praise glorifieth God. This is the work and power of God. Our souls do magnify the Lord for all His wonderful works to the children of men.

God has delivered us from discouragement and bondage of darkness. In Him is no darkness at all. God will place our feet in a large place. We shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life. Streams of light seemed to come upon us from our heavenly Father and the room seemed to be illuminated with the presence of the Lord. Living, active faith will penetrate the clouds of darkness and let the gleamings of glory through.

I hope that you will all have faith for yourselves. Have an object before you and a high purpose to glorify God. Resist inclination, and ever be true to duty, true to the pure principles of right. Seek earnestly for communion with God. Pray, my children. Pray earnestly and watch thereunto constantly. I hope this Sabbath will be precious to you, my dear children. Let not your love for the truth wane for one hour; cling to God by living faith. Seek to bring yourselves nearer and closer to His divine presence. May God preserve your lives and keep you pure from the pollution of the world, is the prayer of your father and mother.—Letter 20, 1872.

Ellen G. White Estate

Silver Spring, Maryland,

February 28, 1991.

Entire Letter.

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