Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 242

I wish he could attend college this winter, and next summer I think he could start in with better understanding and better courage. There is not much here to give a young man courage unless he has a superabundance of it naturally.

Oregon is a good field, but the men who labor here must possess not only ability but indomitable courage to meet a godless element existing in the ministry and in society, and to press their way through all discouragements and moral darkness and depravity. If Brother Jones could be instructed as some young men are being instructed at Battle Creek, it would be the making of him, I think.

Everything on the ground is fitted up in nice order. It has cost considerable labor to take a forest and prepare it for a campground, making it attractive and beautiful, but this has been done here. It is the admiration of all who look upon it. The man owning the ground has promised them the land for five years without cost to them, in consideration of the work done to prepare it. The trees are fir and tower up high like the redwood trees of California, only more beautiful in foliage. Some oak and walnut are interspersed. White pine here reminds me of Maine. The very atmosphere is fragrant with the perfume of these evergreen trees.

June 28—One day of our meeting is already in the past and soon the first camp meeting in Oregon will be ended. Will there be souls saved as the result of this effort? May God work for us, is my prayer. God only can turn the hearts and transform the affections and character. Shall we see of His salvation here? We are hoping and praying that this may be the case.

I feel the necessity of deeper piety and more earnest faith among our people. Because there are revivalists who labor for excitement and move the people by impulse this is no excuse for our ministers having the theory of the truth without the deep moving of the Spirit of God.

Jesus connected His disciples with Himself in His ministry that they might be educated to carry forward the work where He should leave it. They were not only to be conversant with the Scriptures but to do the works that He had done, in His name. They were to witness His life of daily self-denial and self-sacrifice, His life of prayer and of doing good that He might be the Light of the world. His followers are to pursue the very same course. Close connection with Jesus Christ alone will give our ministers a fitness for the great work which must be done in warning the world and in winning souls from deceptive errors to the truth which involves a cross.

There are some excellent souls here who love the truth and whose eyes are open to see the deceptions that exist in the popular ministry.

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