Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 253

submit to Jesus against his own peculiar desires or will. Then Satan steps in and he molds this will to his own pleasure.

Christ or Satan has the government of the will, and we are the subjects of one or the other. I was pointed to Christ. Although He was tempted of the devil forty days, yet His will was submitted to the will of His Father and He yielded not, although He was tempted stronger in every way by Satan than any of His disciples have ever been tempted. His will was not yielded to the will of the enemy for a moment.

Now, dear Mary, it is possible for your will to be subject to the will of God. Unless you do yield your will to God, choose His way, His pleasure, His will, instead of your own, I saw that you were none of His. He will not own you, He will not accept you. He leaves you for Satan to take possession of the will that you would not yield to Him, and Satan will mold this will as he pleases. I was shown that the plan of salvation was laid out, and God will not change or deviate in His plan to save anyone.

God has made one great condescension to save erring, lost man; He yielded His dearly Beloved from His bosom to suffer indignity, scorn, and hate, to die an ignominious death upon the cross. If anyone will be His disciple now, he must live a self-denying life. His will must die. The plan of salvation is laid. Now man must condescend, now man must yield. His life must be a continual yielding. God does not deviate or change from His plan at all to save any. The great condescension has been made. Now it all lies with man, whether he will accept the plan God has laid down, whether he will yield his will to the will of God. God does not change now to accommodate man. He is left now to choose life or death. If he chooses life, he chooses the cross, the suffering, self-denying life of Christ, and he must not go murmuring along at the ruggedness of the way.

The life of Christ and His sacrifice, the Innocent suffering for the guilty, should forever still the least murmur or complaint. It should be accounted a privilege to suffer for Christ and thus glory in the cross of Christ. I saw that He is honored by the lives of those who eagerly lay hold of salvation, those who consider it a privilege to suffer for Jesus.

Mary, dear Mary, I have seen that God's providence has placed John and you where you are. God has been working for you both that you, Mary, may be left without excuse. That time has come. Now it is for you to come up, to eagerly grasp the merits of Christ's blood, lay hold of the plan of salvation, submit your will to the will of God, choose to suffer with Christ, or choose your own will, your own way, travel the way of the transgressor and lose eternal life, lose heaven. You can serve God if

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